Gepost door: kristofverschueren | 27/10/2007

A cow in the water?


Well, I live in a small town, called Itegem, a few thousand inhabitants. I was asked to create something completely different about this town. I now there are already so many pictures taken, how to create something new? As mentioned in my previous post: be different, think different!

Well, i was wondering how the town would look like in the future? The funny thing is that the postal code is 2222, so how will the town be in the magical year 2222? Mmm, looking at the changing weather conditions (Al Gore huh), maybe, just maybe, Itegem isn’t there any more. So i thought that there will be water everywhere, only animals will survive. And in Itegem, there are many cows, so a cow had to be shown in the image.

In the middle, you see the tower of the church, drowning in the sea, and this last building is burning, lightnings everywhere, over and out. The last animal of Itegem, the cow, will be eaten by the shark in the see (bet you didn’t see huh ;-). If you look carefully, you see a boot on the horizon, like the arch of Noah, protecting the last species of Itegem.

Yeah, it’s a great pic! I love it, but, took me a long time of preparation, shooting and retouching. I made some notes in ‘behind the scenes’. Have fun!

Kristof Verschueren


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