Gepost door: kristofverschueren | 27/10/2007

Where are you? New heroes wanted!

Hello, hello, my friends.

This is my first post. I know, there are a millions of blogs out there, why start another? I wondered myself many times why i should start too. I hesitated, hesitated again… but finally gave it a try. For me, although i have a big problem with available spare time, it’s important to tell people what i’m doing with photography, my vision, my experience, my techniques…

I’m working as a photographer for some years now, and i notice how people around me are complaining. Photography is dying, we’ll disappear, people with (cheap) good digital cameras will take our job, i’m scared… I know i know, i understand your point. And i must admit, there are so many professional photographers who are leaving their job. It’s frustrating see how so many people prefer taking pictures themselves and don’t go to the pro’s any more. So, what to do? It’s not easy, not al all.

To answer this difficult question, i’ll try to point out my view:

  • it’s not the camera that makes the pictures, it’s you! It’s so typically in the world of photography that everybody seems to have a big hungry knowing the technique of the other pro. I get many e-mails from people who ask my ‘how this and how that…. setup of lightning… what type of lens you use….’. It’s like you go to the butcher and you see a very good looking piece of meat. You ask the butcher what knife he used, how he cut the meat…. can you believe this? Yes, it’s the truth… like a never ending story. You just can’t get enough information. Sometimes less is more, and it seems that so many photographers or too much focused on their TECHNIQUE, instead of their vision, what they really want,…
  • If you’re afraid of people with their own camera’s, it’s YOU who have to change. The world of photography is changing so fast, really really fast, there are new rules, new borders,… Photography has developed. So, not changing your way of working is deadly man, i’m serious about it. How to change: doing more, doing better, doing DIFFERENT. Has this been done before? Things are changing folks!
  • Become BIG in something SMALL. Yeah, time is over you can shoot whatever and become a specialist in nature and architecture and portrait and advertising and weddings and kids and stills and … No way you can follow the pace. You have to reorganise and become a specialist, create you own technique. If not: you’ll become just a common photographer like everybody else, complaining why you loose clients. Photography is changing, so do you have!
  • Living in a world of images. Strange huh, allthough we can’t imagine a world, magazine, building, place… without a pictures, it seems like many photographers are loosing grip: everybody is a photographer and i’ll become just like one of them, a drop in a pool. NO, NO, NO, this is the most exiting time as photographer (strange huh), but look at all the possibilities: you can create whatever you want, it’s digital, there are no borders, no limits, experiment. There are hundreds of thousands young people out there who experiment with cheap camera’s, software… and you… yes you, are you doing the same?
  • Making IMAGES instead of PICTURE: wow, this one is great! Many photographers make PICTURES, point and shoot and doing some basic retouching. No no, in the today’s world of photography you make IMAGES, you create it, bring things together, create your own world, the sky is the limit man. You have to make some spare time creating your own images, if not, you end up with a portfolio of pictures of somebody else. Wow, how about those thousands of ams shooting models for free? Well, make up your mind, what do you want to achieve? Become different of become nothing new? How making things in your mind? Years ago, people had to go to outdoor presentations, now with the internet, you can find whatever whenever however. Get the point? I’v got thousands of pictures i downloaded, studied… and so i developed to create my own (and still changing) style. You can always do better, do different, believe me, don’t loose faith man!
  • Software: As a photographer you HAVE to be able doing some good retouching. Yes, of course you can hire some expensive retoucher if you have the money. Do you have it? No, so, learn it man, or you will die, believe me. Develop your style, make time available. Software (photoshop and others) has become common among many people, there are millions of people using it, creating their own stuff, hungry to make interesting images, and you? Still doing some basic retouching? This can easily be done with basic software shipped with their cheap camera, by almost everybody. How about you, can you do some nice things others can’t? Think about it, and it’s NOT done with some basic filters and buttons, but a combination of many small adjustments…

Ok, this little statement from me. Hope you still are motivated? Think: be different, think different, become big in something small!



  1. You’re pictures are great. Amazing stile!
    About your statement: You give the word ‘small’ a whole new definition. You deserve to become the biggest in your ‘small’.

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