Gepost door: kristofverschueren | 28/10/2007

Cow in water, how composed?

Many people asked me how i made the image ‘cow in the water’.


Actually it is pretty easy, although it took some time to compose the image and shoot all the stuff i wanted. Most of the time i put more energy is inventing images, composing things, than taking them. Of course there is a lot of post processing afterwards. There’s a big difference in your starting point: do you just look at your hard drive and see what you have in your arsenal, or do you go looking for the stuff you need?

Well, most of the time i have a picture in my head, and DRAW it on paper. It’s more easy that way, some kind of storyboard they use in films (and commercial photography of course ;-). So, i add things until i’m happy with it. Then, i start looking for everything. If must admit a have a big amount of pictures on my harddrive: skies, animals… Sometimes on a holiday i take my car and drive around, looking for details, clouds…

Here is the basic picture. It’s a simple picture of the see, but not strong enough, i mean, too much sand, so i put another picture of the see above.


The second picture of the see.


I put our church in the water. As you can see, i already ‘aged’ the roof.

Some birds and minor adjustments.


The shark and the sign-board.


The cow.


Some good looking flames, smoke and colour-adjustmens.


Lightnings, dudging and burning, contrast, colour, LCE, levels, sharpness… and A LOT of minor time consuming adjustments. Here’s the result


I’m happy with the result. The image has some strange effect, bit of humour, surrealistic look.





  1. Hi Kristof, i’m a big fan of your work.
    The cow picture is really awesome.
    I can see that you copied the cow wìth background
    on the sea landscape, but how did you remove the grass surrounding the cow? I’d love to know! Thanks in advance!

  2. Hi Kris,

    Thank you very much for your comment.

    I mostly use the pen tool. For extracting hair or smal parts, i like to use channels, you can add details with your brushes, or apply image…


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