Gepost door: kristofverschueren | 04/11/2007

I won a nomination in advertising photography!

Wow, i’m proud. I participated the very first time in an international contest in photography. Over 15000 pictures from 69 countries. I didn’t win, BUT i was nominated in my category (nominee in professional advertising photography).



Concept: For some people, everything is changing too fast, there the digital revolution, faster, more, complex… This lady is angry. She owns an old body (analogue) and tries to connect it with an usb-wire. She makes a fist (angry) but you don’t see her face. In the screen, you can see her (other) face, having difficulties with the connection (what is going on in her mind?). On the left side, you can see a film-connection, not a digital connection. So, the point is that there is a connection with the old body -> screen -> face -> you… Get the picture 😉

How done: Very easy: took some pictures in my studio, the wall and floor are drawings in photoshop. Did a lot of post-production to get my oh so nice LOOKit effect 😉

Proud: yes i am. Looking at previous participants ands winners you notice names as the great Erwin Olaf. Mmm, this taste like more.

Model: The girl is Valentina, she’s a real nice person, i did some great work with her. Highly recommended.

International Color Awards is a global online awards show recognizing excellence in color photography. This celebrated event shines a spotlight on the finest professional and amateur photographers in the world’s premier photographic showcase of color photography. The awards international Jury represents the most influential art directors, agencies, editors, galleries, and publishers from the world of photography, advertising and entertainment. Images are nominated and selected by Jury members who honor the finest images with the highest achievements in color photography. Link:

This one is another picture of the shoot with her. For the award, it was hard for me to choose, it’s smoother, more effect of a drawing.

valentina2.jpg cu,

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