Gepost door: kristofverschueren | 04/11/2007

Our Flandriaboat, the old national monument

Hello folks,

This one is an old picture, but still one of my favorite.

Flandria is a name for a fleet of boats in Belgium. People can rent one (partyboat, businesstrips…). It’s located in Antwerp, one of the most important harbours of the world. So, they have a bunch of boats. The assignment was to make some striking picture, hmm, ok, this one is for me 😉


I really wanted to put the boat right into the sea from an unnatural angle. An option was to take it on the water, but could not be done because of lack of time (deadlines deadlines…).I added some see, deleted the sky to make place for the new sky.

boot_02.jpgNotice the sign on the left side of the boat: the idea was that people can rent this boat and look for the departure hours as on a train. So, when this boat arrives, you just have to look at the sign (plate) on the side of the boat (eg. departure at 6pm at gate 5). Of course, this is not in real life, but gave an extra dimension. Everybody happy!


Kristof Verschueren


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