Gepost door: kristofverschueren | 04/11/2007

The story of the healthy bargirl


Some while ago, I did some nice shoot about promoting sport. It was not the traditional picture we were looking for, it had to be fun, humor with some surrealistic accent. You know, there are millions of pictures out there, basically all the same. So, my question was: how to be different and tell what need to be told (but in a different way).
So, the basic idea was:
• If a person is doing sport, he or she will be in good shape. So, why not be different and take an abdominous person to increase the contrast?
• When a person is exercising, it will be in a fitnessroom, on the field.. so, why not take a pub? The funny thing about this one is that in a pub you can find bar stools, why not replace them by hometrainers? So, if a person goes to the bar, he can combine his workout with sport. Great thing? Where is that bar 😉
• About food: someone who is sweating, tired, longing for the perfect shape… why not let him drink a few beers and smoking while doing sport? huh.
So, putting it al together, we started scouting for the right person, clothes, pub… We ended in a nice bar with a great lady and one hometrainer. If you look at the picture, there are several hometrainers, so we had to shoot multiple pictures to combine them.


As you can see, some casual basic picture, need to be restyled a lot.


We took multiple shots so the perspective of the hometrainers was in the right way.

As you noticed, i’m a huge fan of high contrast and rich colours. Good luck there is something as photoshop. This one is VERY time-consuming. You really have to look at the light and make it look real, but exaggerate where there is light. Especially the skintones are difficult.


We decided to add more surrealistic effect on the picture. So, we had the idea of putting the bar and the girl in a field. What the heck is she doing there? 😉


There it is, but still too flat.


Voila, replaced the sky, added some extra contrast and the usual retouching.



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