Gepost door: kristofverschueren | 15/11/2007

Old photoshop

Oh my god,

I read something fascinating: the first version of photoshop started in 1987! That’s the time when the monkeys still could talk. Do you know how it looks like? I didn’t.

Welcome splash in Adobe Photoshop 1.0.7

Photoshop’s developers, Thomas and John Knoll began development on Photoshop in 1987. I remember myself working on a commodore 64, programming basic stuff, moving objects from the left site of my screen to the right site was a day work! Then a commodore 128 … and from a pc 386, 486, pentium… to dual core on an imac. Yeah yeah, some basic painting on ‘paint’. It’s ridiculous if you look back how crippled work you could deliver. But what’s going to happen in the future? Well, for me, 3D is hot. Not that i’m familiar with it, but that’s the future, believe me. If you look at CS3 Extended (and at Adobe, they ‘re smart) you can find 3d applications. So, here some more pics. Look, compare and enjoy!

Kristof Verschueren


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