Gepost door: kristofverschueren | 20/11/2007

Radiation – No Entry!

Hello folks,

Just finished this assignment, and… we’re pretty happy with the result. It took some time to get everything right, but it’s all just as we wanted it to be. When i have some time left, i’ll go into details of some retouches. Feel free to ask.


Kristof Verschueren

Yeah, i’m back with more 😉 I’ll show you some original pictures to show how i created this image Radiation.

Ok, here’s the basic picture:


There are 3 basic pictures: the horse, the field and the giraffe (no head 😉 ) So i pasted the head of the horse on the body of the giraf, of course with some retouch in photoshop (as everything 😉 ) Watch the colours, the extra brown spots on the horse and the hair of the horse that is all the way on the neck. I used some brushes to create extra hair to make it look realistic.


I cut out a factory, changed some colours, added a sign (frontal side left), changed the three signs on the three towers. The extra fog, yellow colour and the radiationsigns indicate that there is something strange going on, maybe the radiation is so strong that it changed the natural look of the giraffe? Yeah, an illegal factory, hope Greenpeace isn’t watching.


Signs are fun to shoot, but i must admit, the angle you shoot the sign is very important, so you have to know before what you’re going to make. An alternative is making the sign in a 3D program, but, for this assignment it was no option; To make it rusty you can use several methods. I prefer using patterns. Therefore i shoot all kinds of pictures in hires.


Ok, here it is. I added some birds to make it more surrealistic, deleted the trees in the back but added some trees without leafs in the field. Added extra fog, changed the contrast, made the sky look more dramatic. A very important advise is that you always must be careful with the light. Therefore it’s best to shoot details when the sky is cloudy without a hars sun. Using dodge and burning to make it realistic on every single part. Use LAYERS, use layers and leave them, no merge! I often change details on single layers, so when you merge them you are no longer able to make some important changes.


I discovered an extra problem: i use PC as well a Mac, and i must admit, my pc crashes sometimes because of the heavy pictures. Many pics are 1 gig, so you need a LOT of memory… Maybe next month i’ll buy an extra MacPro (;-) ). Looking forward to it.


Kristof Verschueren



  1. Huge picture! Wonder where you got the inspiration. Looking forward to see more of your work!

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