Gepost door: kristofverschueren | 07/12/2007

Original snowboarding

Hi there,

A while ago i had some fun shooting snowboarders in my free time: so i didn’t have my lightning equipment with me and it was an indoor place at Landgraaf. Nice stuff over there and those snowboarders were fast, really fast. Oh yeah, me feet were frozen, but after some cups of coffee and hot gluhwines things went better 😉

I was lucky to shoot two guys jumping in the air on the same time. I panned, but the pics are a bit blurred (at 100% view). I couldn’t freeze them well with my only light (580ex). You need at least three to four lights to do it right, but, as i said, i had some free time.

The composition is not very good (hand cut of), but yeah, it’s a nice image, not? Let me tell you some more details of my post-production.


To make it more clear for you, i put some details in the picture. I know, i added some holes in the board to make it surrealistic. Did you ever see one like this? Just try it and you’ll be eating snow. The extra lights were very important to emphases the road behind (extra feeling of movement).Watch the holes carefully. Painted (cloned) new background, new lights too. The (bad) original pictures (please don’t look at it 😉 )


cu around,

Kristof Verschueren



  1. Knap gedaan, het doe me een beetje denken aan het David Hill effect:-)))

    mvg, Ben

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