Gepost door: kristofverschueren | 30/01/2008

paint with light

Hi folks,

I had some fun with this picture. I did some nice painting with light (painted a lot to get this wanted effect), changed the background and added some details. You can see below the original picture.

We’ll keep in touch.


Original file:




  1. hola informe

  2. Wow glad i stumbled upon your website! Love your work, hope you could make a tutorial one day! :o)

  3. I like how you change the colour of the Picture, can you please show us how you do it. I luv your Work

  4. Is there some lucisart thrown in there?

    • Hi,
      No, there is no Lucis Art. I don’t use the plugin, it’s all made ‘the hard way’ 😉


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