Gepost door: kristofverschueren | 28/02/2008

United colors of elephant


Hi there,

Some while ago i created a project where colors were the main subject. It had to be surrealistic, strange and meaningful.

The whole idea is the fake Nemo, painted or created by a stranger in the sea (the fake elephantfish) in a fake sea, fake sand, fake light… In my first idea, i placed a sign beneath the elephant where he painted ‘hello stranger’ on it. Allthough the elephant is the only stranger in the sea, trying to imitate the fish (colors on skin), he writes ‘hello stranger’ to the fish. The fishes are confused and look with a big disbelief to the awesome animal: ‘who the f*** is the real fish around here?’.

After some testing, it seemed to be too difficult (some colleagues didn’t got the clue, jeeeeezus), and it was lacking some color. So, with the domination of the blue color, i decided to add some red color for increasing the contrast. And so Nemo was born. I painted the original fish, added some dropping paint…

The whole pictures is made with one elephant (changed the position of the leggs to let him swim), one fish (changed size and form) and one brush (so the elephant could paint). The other details are created in photoshop.

Cu, Kristof Verschueren


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