Gepost door: kristofverschueren | 06/08/2008

Prison Café

Hi there, time for some new work after a nice long vacation.

I’ve made some pictures of the making of this shoot, with more details (see below). If you have some questions, don’t hesitate to ask me.

Hope you like it.




I changed the texture of the pipes of the fence. The new picture is on top. Maybe you noticed, the texture wasn’t completely correct, so i changed it. I also changed the ceiling: made it more natural concrete with texture. For me much better… Wow, this was my last change, up to some next projects. I have some great ideas and assignments coming!

Photography by me and Tom de Visscher



  1. Een eer om met jullie te werken!
    Wat een knaller van een foto!
    Marijke de Vries

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