Gepost door: kristofverschueren | 27/08/2009

Workshop Photoshop: how to enhance your contrast?

Hi there,

I will give a photoshop workshop ‘contrast enhancement’ on the national congres of Belgium Digital.

Belgium Digital is a wonderful organisation, check it out on their website (Dutch): You can find al sorts of information about photography and photoshop, their forum is really huge and all participants are so helpfull.  They have some kind of cooperation with the photography magazine Shoot. Belgium Digital started about ten year ago, and now, they’re having a huge congres on a great place. The program and announcements can be found on Some great people are coming over for some interesting workshops and speeches, such as Carl De Keyzer, Toon Grobet, Frank Doorhof. I’m really looking forward to meet these people!

My workshop will be about boosting the contrast in your images. There are al kinds of possibilities to enchance your contrast, but I’ll teach some tricks which are pretty advanced or not so common used. I’ve made some movies on youtube and my website already, but later on, I’ll post here a summary with at least eight or nine tricks to boost your contrast. So check it out and stay tuned!




  1. Kristof, thanks for sharing your tutorials !

  2. thanks for the awesome tutorials!but i have some missing parts there.and i can’t figure out.could you please send me an e-mail and write me down the steps by step.i’ll really appreciate.thank you.

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